With more than 149,000 urban stakeholders worldwide subscribed to our information services, Urbanicity is the logical platform to achieve the most targeted and cost effective publicity for your event.

Urbanicity offers a range of channels which will enable you to achieve the best exposure for:

  • First announcements / save the date
  • Call for papers
  • Published Programmes
  • Early Registration calls and deadline announcements
  • Final registration calls / reminders

Urbanicity event services will help your event achieve:

  • Increased awareness
  • Greater response
  • Higher registration numbers

We offer 4 different channels to suit your specific needs:

Alerts - Conference specific Html emails sent directly to our subscribers - perfect for calls to action. More information

Calendar - Banners and features which expand on your basic listing and ensure your event stands out from the crowd. More information

Bulletin Features - 200 words in our main monthly bulletin which reaches the entire Urbanicity audience -  a low cost option for general event announcements and updates. More information

Main Site Banners - banners on the Urbanicity homepage and running throughout the site - be part of the world's most visible and valuable online urban real estate and gain maximum exposure. More information

Right now the conference market is crowded and competitive - ensure your event is a success by using Urbanicity event services.



1. Costs - what does it cost to use Urbanicity event services?

Depending upon the level of services you choose. Urbanicity offers very good value for money and will always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

2. Media partnerships - does Urbanicity enter intor media partnerships with events?

Urbanicity is a business and as such delivers professional services at a professional cost. We never enter into 100% media partnerships whatever the cirumstances. We do however have capacity for one partial media partnership per month, where the event client provides servives and value to Urbanicity up to 50% of the value of Urbanicity work, the other 50% being payable as normal.

3. Target audience - can I target specific individuals by location, job title etc?

If you are using our Alert service, we are able to select from our subscribers by most criteria - location (regional / national), sector of interest and audience type (elected government / public sector employee, private sector, education, NGO etc)

4. Alert creative - do we have to design and build our Alerts ourselves?

Urbanicity will create an Alert for you - you then have the opportunity to edit / amend the Alert, and only when it is completed to your satisfaction will it be published and distributed

5. Success - does using Urbanicity event services work.

Urbanicity began providing event servivces in 2001 - since then we have worked with more than 2000 conferences around the world, many of whom repeat our work each year. During that time we have continually refined the process to increase it's effectiveness. There are no guarantees with publicity, but using Urbanicity event services will considerably improve your chances of success.

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