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Thriving Neighbourhoods 2013 - Early Registration Deadline
Urban Environmental Pollution 2013 - Register Now
Ecocity 2013 - News Update
Early registration deadline - Cities Learning Together
International Conference on City with a Soul - Register Now
4th Conference on Community Resiliency - Register Now
Early registration - 2nd International Skyrise Greenery Conference
Early registration extended - Ecocity World Summit
Secured Cities 2013 - Early Registration
Olympic Legacies - Impact of Mega-Events on Cities - Early Registration
SITCE 2013 - People-centred Mobility for Liveable Cities
Save the date - International Skyrise Greenery Conference
Early registration open - ISOCARP 2013
Final registrations - World Forum on Human Rights
Early registrations - Rabat 2013: World Summit of Local and Regional Leaders
Final registration call - REAL CORP 2013 Planning Times.
Register now - Global Tourism Cities Conference.
Early booking discounts - European Transport Conference
ISOCARP 2013 - Top 20 thoughts for planners free e-book
Call for presentations - City Events: where cities meet sports
Early registration available - Ecocity World Summit
4 weeks until Euroheat & Power 2013 - Register now.
Early registration deadline - Major Cities Conference.
Early registration closing - International Transport Forum.
Register now - World Forum on Human Rights.
Register Now - The Historic Center and the Next City: Envisioning Urban Heritage Evolution.
ISOCARP 2013 - Free Registration Opportunity.
Register for the CityAge Summit on The Global Metropolis.
Register now - 2013 LivCom Awards.
World Forum on Human Rights - Registration Open.
National Urban Policy Conference - Early registration closing.
Smart City Event 2013 - Registration Open.
European Cities of Vision Study Tour.
60th UITP World Congress and Mobility & City Transport Exhibition.
Residential Recycling Conference - discounted Urbanicity registration.
Funding Transport - International Transport Forum 2013.
Early registration until April 22nd - REAL CORP 2013.
National Urban Policy Conference - Early Registration.
Sustainable Mobility on a tight budget - register now.
36th Euroheat & Power Congress - only 4 weeks left to benefit from the early bird rate.
Place Management and Branding Conference 2013 - Register Now.
First Announcement - 2013 UCLG World Congress.
Call for Contributions extended - EcoCity World Summit 2013.
Reminder to Register - International Disaster Conference 2013.
Register Now - The Production of Place.
Final Registrations - Thriving Neighbourhoods.
Call for Contributions Reminder - ECOCITY World Summit.
International Disaster Conference and Expo.
INTED 2013 - Call for abstracts.
4 weeks to go - Thriving Neighbourhoods 2012.
Call for Papers - REAL CORP 2013.
National Groundwater Summit - Call for Abstracts.
Local Renewables Freiburg Conference 2012 - last chance to register.
Registration Closing - Stormwater 2012.
Register Now - European Transport Conference.
Early registration closing - Thriving Neighbourhoods 2012.
Register Now - Rethinking Cities: Framing the Future.
Register Now - Child in the City 2012.
Register now - Trolleybus events.
Registration Open - Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.
Register Now - IDRC Davos.
The Wealth of Nations - The Wealth of Cities.
Special Invitation to the Global Waste Management Symposium.
Call for Applications - 2012 World Leisure International Innovation Prize.
Register Now - ISWA World Solid Waste Congress.
WEFTEC 2012 - Register Now.
Early Registration - CIP/APPI 2012 Conference - The Great Exchange: Putting Ideas into Action.
Register now - The IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition – Pioneering global water solutions.
Bike Futures - International Speakers Confirmed, Register Now.
Early registration closing - ISOCARP 2012.
Port Cities as Hotspots of Creative and Sustainable Local Development.
Is your city ready to compete? World Leisure Congress 2012.
Smarten up your city - Smart Grids Smart Cities 2012.
Register Now - Urban Parks 2012.
Transforming City, Transforming leisure - Register Now.
Just 2 weeks until the Smart City Event 2012.
Bike Futures - Call for Papers and Early Registration.
First Announcement - City Events 2012.
ICERI 2012 - First Announcement and Call for Abstracts.
European Transport Conference - Early booking discounts available.
2 weeks to PED 2012 conference - Register Now.
Programe Available - Aging, Mobility and the Quality of Life.
Early Registration - IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition.
Registration Alert - Velocity Global 2012.
Smart City Event 2012 - Register Now.
Registration Call - World Conference on Disaster Management.
Register Now - Universal Design 2012.
Registration Open - WEFTEC 2012.
Last call to register - International Transport Forum 2012.
Register Now - Sustainable Mobility Through Innovation - TRA 2012.
Register Now - REAl CORP.
ISOCARP 2012 - Call for Papers.
Aging, Mobility and Quality of Life conference - Register Now.
Technology for the benefit of humanity - call for papers.
Register Now: Pedestrian and Evacuation Dynamics Conference.
The International Transport Forum’s 2012 Summit - Register Now.
Register Now: Fit to Drive Congress.
Register Now: Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing.
Register Now - International Urban Parks Conference.
REAL CORP 2012 - Early registration closing.
Thriving Neighbourhoods 2012 - call for papers.
Register Now - TRA Conference 2012.
Green Cities 2012 – your chance to engage with leading green thinkers.
Velo-city Global 2012 - Registration Open.
Earlybird Registration - World Conference on Disaster Management.
49th International Making Cities Livable Conference on Planning Healthy Communities for all.
International Transport Forum - Registration Open.
Early Registration Deadline - World Forum Against Drugs.
Registration Open: Building the Renewable City – Architecture, Property and Infrastructure.
European Conference on Human Centred Design for Intelligent Transport Systems - call for abstracts.
Call for Papers - City Solutions Expo & Conference.
Register now - World Future Energy Summit.
Green Cities 2012 - Register Now and Save $300.
2012 International Urban Parks Conference - Save the date.
INTED 2012 - Call dor Abstracts.
Cyber Security for Government Asia 2012.
REAL CORP 2012 - Call for Papers.
PED 2012 Call for Papers and Posters.
EMI Public Lecture 2011 - Register Now.
International Transurban Conference - register now.
Thriving Neigbourhoods - register now.
Aquaterra - Aquaindustry - Aquainnovation - Register Now.
Last registration call - EcoMobility Changwon.
Velo-city Global 2012 - call for presentations.
Urban Waterfronts 2011 - Register Now.
International Housing Summit - Register Now.
International Water Week Amsterdam.
3rd Sustainable Cities - special Urbanicity registration rate.
Intelligent Cities Expo - Register Now.
6 weeks until EcoMobility Changwon 2011 congress! Register now!
Register Now for City Events 2011.
Abstracts Deadline Reminder - World Solid Waste Congress 2012.
Register Now for All-Energy Australia 2011.
Water Sensitive Urban Design 2012 - Call for Abstracts.
Thriving Neighbourhoods - early registration closing soon.
ISOCARP 2011 - Register Now.
European Electric Vehicle Congress 2011.
Urban Water Sustainability Leadership Conference.
Register now - Enviro-Management 2011.
1st International Conference on Age-Friendly Cities.
Register Now - Asia-Pacific Cycle Congress.
3rd Sustainable Cities - Register Now.
World Water Week - Register now.
Register Now - European Transport Conference.
Urban Data Management Symposium - Programme Available.
Call for Papers - Planet under Pressure 2012.
City Events: where cities meet sports.
Register Now - WEFTEC 2011.
Registration Open - Groundwater: Cities, suburbs and growth areas.
Registration Open - International Housing Summit 2011.
Register now - Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.
Call for Abstracts - World Solid Waste Congress 2012.
Early registrations - NSW Stormwater Conference.
Asia Pacific Cycle Congress - Registration Open.
Register now - Groundwater: Cities, suburbs and growth areas.
Register Now - The Traffic Management & Bus Priority Conference.
Earlybird registration open - Intelligent Cities Expo.
Register Now - The Transport Practitioners Meeting.
First Announcement - European Transport Conference.
Special Urbanicity Early Bird Price-Smart Grids Smart Cities in Lisbon!
Registration Open - WEFTEC 2011.
Earlybird extended - Ecocity World Summit.
Last chance to register for WCDM.
Register Now - EURA 2011: 'Cities without limits' .
Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.
Cities of the Future - Final Registrations.
Final registration - REAL CORP 2011.
Call for Abstracts - ISOCARP 2011.
Register Now - International Transport Forum 2011.
World Conference on Disaster Management - Register Now.
Call for Papers - Stormwater NSW Conference 2011.
Earlybird extended - Cities of the Future.
Registration Open - Ecocity World Summit Montreal.
Early registrations closing soon - Asia Pacific Cities Summit 2011.
Register now - Cities of the Future IWA 2011.
Programme Announcement - REAL CORP 2011.
Share Insights with Mayors and City Leaders at Global City 2011.
Final Registrations - Global Greenbelts Conference.
Register Now - International Transport Forum.
Asia Pacific Cities Summit - Registration now open
Register Now - EURA 2011: Cities without limits.
The Future of Cities - Register Now.
Final Registrations - 5th Annual City Development.
World Water Week 2011 - Abstract deadline.
Register Now - Global Greenbelts Conference 2011
The International District Energy Climate Awards - Apply Now
Don't miss Green Cities 2011
Register Now - FCM Sustainable Communities Conference.
Call for abstracts - EURA Conference 2011
Register Now - Green Cities 2011
Branding Cities Conference
IHS Conference on Urban Development
FCM Sustainable Communities Conference - early registration closes soon
RSA International Conference 2011 - abstract submissions
Ecocity World Summit 2011 - call for proposals
Registration now open - Counter Terror Expo 2011
Call for Papers - UDMS 2011
Call for Best Practice Projects - 2011 Asia Pacific Cities Summit
Future City Forum - Register Now
New Towns and Politics - Register Now
Call for Papers - Waste - the social context
First Announcement - Global City Forum 2011
Call for Papers - REAL CORP 2011
Final call to register - Knowledge Cities World Summit
First Announcement - Municipalika 2011
Register now - International Skyrise Greenery Conference
Register now - ISWA World Congress
Final Call to register - City Events Conference
First Announcement - 5th City Development
Final call to register - Green Cities Australia
Building Sustainability - last call to register
Child in the City 2010 - final call to register
Final Call to Register - Metropolis 2010
Final Call to register - European Transport Conference
Final Call to Register - WEFTEC 2010
City Events: From Sport Event to Citywide Experience
Register Now - Metropolis 2010
Early Registration closing - Knowledge Cities World Summit
Final Call to register - LISDAR 2010
Building Sustainability Stockholm 2010 - register now
Register now - Climate Change and Communities
Register Now - Global Waste Management Symposium
Register now - Managing the Urban - Rural Interface
Register now - European Transport Conference
Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing 2010
Register now - Green Roofs Australia Conference
Register now - ISOCARP 2010 World Congress
ISWA World Congress 2010 on Urban Development and Sustainability
World Conference on Disaster Management Australia Summit
Final Call - Ideal City 2010
Melbourne 2010 Knowledge Cities World Summit
Planning Neighbourhoods with clean air
Networks for Mobility
Earlybird registration closing soon - WEFTEC 2010
Register now - World Ecotourism Conference
IWA World Water Congress 2010
Register now - World Water Week 2010
Speaker update - Ideal City Conference
International Social Housing Summit
Final call to register - World Cities Summit
Programme Highlights - IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion
Final call to register - Velo-city 2010
Final call to register - World Urban Transport Leaders Summit
Reminder to register - World Cities Summit
Land Management and Informal Settlement Regularization - deadline June 20 2010
Register now - Ideal City Conference 2010
World Urban Transport Leaders Summit
Last call to register - World Forum on Human Rights
Celebrate Housing Policy Debate’s first issue with Routledge
Register now - Velocity 2010
Australian Planner: seeking articles for peer review
20th IUHPE World Conference on Health Promotion
International Skyrise Greenery Conference 2010
Final call to Register - REAL CORP 2010
Final call to Register - IDRC Davos 2010
Register Now - International Transport Forum
Subscribe now - CITYGREEN Magazine
International Metropolis Conference
Register Now - World Cities Summit
Register now - Resilient Cities 2010 Congress
6th European Conference on Sustainable Cities and Towns
ISOCARP 2010 - Call for Papers
Register now - REAL CORP 2010
International Transport Forum 2010
Managing the urban-rural interface - PLUREL Conference
World Forum on Human Rights
Register Now - Counter Terror Expo
First Announcement - The World Cities Summit 2010
Register now - International Cohousing Conference
Register Now - Green Cities
The real legacy of the Olympics
Abstract submission extended - RSA Conference
Call for Papers - Urban Environmental Pollution
Register Now - Sharing the Streets
Submission deadline - Regional Studies Association Conference
World Future Energy Summit - 4 days to go
Call for Papers - European Transport Conference
Housing experts build the case for manufactured homes in cities
International Winter Roads Congress - Register Now
Cities and the Audio Visual Industry - Training
Call for Papers - World Water Week 2010
Sharing the Streets Conference
Regional Studies Association 2010 Conference
Cities of the Future & Urban River Restoration
Healthy Parks Healthy People Congress Update
REAL CORP 2010 - Call for papers
International Conference on Waste Management
Conference on Global Preparedness
The Future for Interburban Passenger Transport
International Disaster and Risk Conference IDRC Davos 2010
International Conference on Innovative Cities

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