Urbanicity is the world's leading digital platform for urban resources.

Founded in 2001 as the successor to the UN Habitat sponsored City Development Strategies communications programme, Urbanicity was a pioneer in taking urban resources to a wider audience via the internet.

Today (as at February 1, 2013) Urbanicity has over 144,000 subscribers to its information services and experiences in excess of 1 million casual visitors to its site each year

Urbanicity provides free available and comprehensive access online to:

  • Events Calendar - events from around the world dealing with central urban issues and related component themes
  • Daily Newsfeed - averaging 90 stories per month covering theory and practice in the urban world
  • Urban Education -  the biggest single list available of educational offerings dealing with urban and related topics
  • Cities Online - the world's largest single gathering of city websites
  • Digital Resources -  a library of links to other online urban themed sites

Urbanicity is headquartered in Aotearoa (New Zealand) and has satellite offices in Australia, Japan and the UK.

As well as publishing the Urbanicity website, Urbanicity produces a wide range of email newsletters and offer publicity services to both events and the education sectors.

For more information about Urbanicity, please contact Jeremy Flay, Managing Director: j.flay@urbanicity.org

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